Multiple People Stabbed In A Massachusetts
Shopping Mall and Home

Multiple individuals have been stabbed in a Massachusetts shopping mall and home. The stabbings took place in the Galleria Mall and a home in Taunton, Massachusetts, according to Massachusetts State Police.

According to the same source, two of the stabbings happened after the attacker crashed a motor vehicle into a store, while two other stabbing incidents took place in a home located in Myrick Street. There is also a possibility that the attacker has been involved in another motor vehicle crash on Myrick Street prior to the stabbings.

The attacker has been shot by an off-duty law-enforcement officer. Three people were later announced to have deceased, including the attacker.

There are no clear indications as of yet with regards to the motives that drew the attacker to commit the act. The state police has mentioned that they are unaware of any signs nexus related to terrorism.


Photo: The Daily Gazette/AP