Behold the Moment of When Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Performed to the World From Their Car. MUST WATCH!

I’ve always thought that people act more natural when they’re in a car. There’s something about cars that makes the experience of singing feel much better. It’s one of the things you enjoy without bothering to question. And when it comes to two celebrity couple singing together in a car and showing it off to the world, the joy of the experience usually extends to tons of viewers.

This is exactly what happened when Keith Urban decided to share a video of him and the beautiful Nicole Kidman who, despite of her uncanny acting talent, she appeared genuinely happy that moment. Unless her act is even better than I thought but let’s still to the optimistic scenario here. The chemistry between the two was radiating and the performing was in no means less appealing.

The song that the couple have chosen to share with the world is called ‘The Fighter’ by Urban himself and Carrie Underwood. Although I am not too familiar with their other songs, but this one was actually really good! In fact it was too good that I can’t get myself to start listening to it.

The video had this really happy energy about it. You could see that Nicole was enjoying herself, something which by itself makes yours truly very happy. Urban looked pretty happy as well.

Despite of whether singer has done this to promote his album and even if he was, I don’t see anything wrong about promoting yourself while having fun with your significant other.

The bottom line is, it was good to see the couple having fun, the performing was amazing, and the song itself is something worth listening to. Don’t forget to check it out!