A Touching Story From Mesopotamia

An Iraqi emergency doctor who was tending to the injured by the recent bombings in Baghdad has shared a touching story concerning the incident.

She said that a first grader was brought to her covered in blood and hurt in his eye and abdominal area. The kid was in shock according to the doctor and he was asking her to give him some water because he was thirsty. He kept screaming and crying begging for water she said. She couldn’t give him any as he was about to undergo a surgery and she was instructed that this conflict with the anesthetics.

Unfortunately the poor kid did not make it out of his surgery. He passed away being thirsty…Now, what crime did this child commit to deserve that fate? Absolutely nothing. Him and other children are being victimized on daily basis for the simple fact that they just want to live. Why can’t they have that simple right? And what exactly is in the minds of the people behind their death? Do they ever think of them? Do they visit their thoughts or dreams? What on earth could compel someone to do such a thing? Many questions are rushing through my mind right now…

Rest in piece little boy, and may your innocent soul live forever in a place where you no longer have to suffer…