The Conjuring Is Back To Haunt Us

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of supernatural. Having traveled through so many destinations I have seen and heard things which I still cannot explain to myself. Although, my biggest fear has never been the strange unexplainable events I have encountered. Rather, it was the psychological impacts and strains imposed by such encounters. For our minds work in mysterious ways in which part of it fears the unknown whereas another part craves it. This in my opinion is why watching horror films makes perfect sense because it allows us to experience the unknown without a direct risk caused by it.

However, a question I have been asking myself lately is whether we are truly safe if we simply watch horror movies without getting ourselves directly involved? For even though what we are experiencing is mere acting through a screen which cannot directly do us any harm, we are doing it accompanied by something that can literally make bad things happen, at least inside of its closed circuit, also known as our own mind.

This happens when the mind decides to become playful in the realms of darkness and grows attached to an aspect of it without your permission. For instance, have you ever watched a horror movie which was so powerful it kept you in the atmosphere for a few days? That is an example of the theory.

Now, what you’re about to watch may have the potential to possess your mind. So extreme caution is highly advised.

But let’s talk a little bit before you decide to watch it, if you’re gonna watch it.. I assume since you’re reading this you must be into horror films. Me too! My favorite type of horror movies is paranormal horror in which the author creates an open ending, allowing your imagination to justify the happenings, and my favorite type of my favorite type is the type of those films which is based on real life events. I guess it makes me engage a little bit further under the right circumstances. Such as a dark room, an amplified surround sound system, and a person you can share your senseless sarcastic jokes with when you’re having goosebumps… >.>”

I also like to conduct research about my areas of interest. Like I remember after watching the first Conjuring film I’ve spent some time after that looking up stories about the real Warrens and the Annabelle doll, which is supposed to be a real object… A terrifying looking one if I may add. The Conjuring 2 however seems to be somewhat different from its predecessor. It looks like it’s going to be about what in my opinion is one of the most disturbing subjects in the history of the paranormal. Now before you watch this trailer I must warn you that under the wrong conditions it can mess you up. So if your heart’s already pounding, perhaps this may not be for you.