Batman: Return to Arkham – When Great Graphics Become Greater

When it comes to remastered video games, I have to say that I tend to be very selective. That’s because for most games I come across my interest extends as far as the campaign goes. For not many games in my opinion have a decent replay value. Unless of course it’s Rocksteady’s Batman we’re talking about. In that case, I’m at game!

Frankly I’ve had absolutely no clue that there’s a new Batman game coming out after Arkham Knight until earlier today when I was updating my Gamefly Q. And there was a new release of Batman coming up under the name ‘Batman: Return to Arkham’. To be honest, I’ve had a combination between excitement and anxious curiosity because it does not feel long enough since Batman Knight was released for a brand new game to come out. Unless it was made by a company other than Rocksteady, which I probably will not be interested in given my past experience with non-rocksteady made Batman games, if you know what I mean.

After doing some diggie-diggie digging in, I have concluded that Batman: Return to Arkham is a remastered collection of Batman: Arkham Asylum & Batman: Arkham city, which is great news for yours truly since I have never played Batman: Arkham Asylum and I’ve had quite an enjoyment playing Batman: Arkham City, which I’ve already found its graphics quite mesmerizing.

In Batman: Return to Arkham you can clearly see how far graphics generations have improved in the gaming industry. The gradual and steady improvement we have seen over the past seven years or so may have put us under the impression that graphics are not changing very much, while a quick comparison clearly shows the difference, especially when comparing a game and its remastered version.

Overall, I am full of excitement and anticipation for Batman: Return to Arkham, and I think this is one of the rare titles who I will without any hesitation add to my gaming collection.