Dubai Builds The World’s First 3D Printed Office.

Dubai Builds The World’s First 3D Printed Office

Dubai has become one of the world’s capitals for innovation and creativity. To a point where one is no longer surprised when hearing about an innovative idea being effectively implemented and utilized there as a ‘world’s first…’.

What I truly admire about Dubai is that investors do not seem to worry from venturing in extraordinary solutions to better their businesses. In fact they seem to welcome those ideas. Unlike many investors elsewhere who tend to stick to the old ways as long as they are functioning properly.

To add another accomplishment to their ‘world’s first’ collection, Dubai has invested in the world’s first 3D printed office. If you’re not too familiar with 3D printing, it’s the technology of using computerized robots to produce three dimensional objects using layering technologies. In other words the machines create thin layers of materials in order to create a three dimentional object.

There have already been some magnified projects to produce giant 3D printed structures. And it is suspected that there will be much more to come, including entire cities built using gigantic 3D printers, which can substantially bring down both the cost and the speed of the building process.

Imagine how amazing it would be being able to design your own house using an application and have it 3D built for you for a fraction of the time and cost traditional building has. That should serve both manufactures and consumers and can significantly contribute in environmental preservation and help eliminate homelessness and poverty.

Do you like the idea of 3D printing? Can you imagine a better future through it? Or would you rather stick to the traditional building process? We would love to hear your thoughts.