Mafia III. A New Adventure For The 1960s Action Enthusiasts

Once upon a time back when the original console was what’s up. I’ve bought one of . Back in the day graphics war was at its peak, along with the debates of whether the xbox had a better than the 2. While the ‘Master Race’ PC enthusiasts where relaxing in the back knowing that their customizable platform cannot be beaten down for too long. Mafia looked absolutely fantastic on the xbox. Being a vintage style lover I adored every curve of the 3D environment. The color scheme was also amazing. Placing you back in the black and white era but with adding a color scheme. Of course back then I was not aware that someday a new Mafia game titled Mafia III that will impress me even more.

When I’ve read that a new Mafia game is coming out, I wondered just how much better would it be from the one I’ve played ten years ago? I mean, there are games being produced today that do not match the graphics of that game. However, after watching the trailer I came to realize that masterpieces can actually be remastered.

The game is set in the late , which in my opinion is the perfect era to set a new Mafia game. I am surprised it took that long to realize the true potential of that era which in my opinion would serve as a perfect environment for an action game being right on the line between the end of the industrial era and the beginnings of the technological age.

You roll as Clay, a vet who’s surrogate family gets destroyed by the Italian Mafia. Clay then decides to start a new family on his old family’s ashes to avenge his family’s blood in military style. A classic, simple, and clean plot to serve as the foundation of what seems to have a great potential to become an award winning game. The graphics have also improved by a significant margin and look almost 100 percent realistic.

Watch the trailer and don’t forget to let us know what you think.