#Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer

If you have been following up with my recent posts you’ve probably noticed that not too long ago I’ve made a post about #Battlefield 1. And yet here I am writing up another one. Why? Because I’ve never been more excited about a classical #FPS #game before. And the more material is released, the more my excitement becomes.
Battlefield 1 Gameplay

This time I’ll be discussing the official #gameplay trailer. But before you watch it note that the content may not be suitable for some audience. After all it’s a battlefield game. Other than that, the game looks absolutely breathtaking! The mood takes you right back to the #WWI era. With so much going on that makes your eyes go insane. I don’t know if there’ll be a #VR mode for this. But if there was, I might literally poop myself from joy!

One of the most notable aspects of battlefield 1, which I don’t know if you’re expecting what I’m about to say, is #zeppelins, or #airships. Whatever you choose to call them. Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought that zeppelins as intimidating as heck. I would say they’re probably the largest air vessels ever built. And when it comes to #warfare, I don’t think that ANYTHING can top the overwhelming feeling that comes from one of those enormous bodies approaching you. Although they can easily be destroyed by setting them on fire. But still, their look is absolutely breathtaking.

It’s still not very clear what role will zeppelins be playing in Battlefield 1. I doubt you can actually steer one of them or else it would be shown in the trailer which, the only scene I saw was what appears to be a character standing in a cockpit but it wasn’t clear whether it was a #zeppelin and whether the player can take control of it.

Either way, I think Battlefield 1 will be a fantastic game. And I hope more than anything that we will get to have a VR mode incorporated within.

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