Mr. Robot Season 1. A mind-hacking experience.

I don’t know about you, but when I start a new T.V. series which has already established a season or more I somehow end up watching years of production in a few days or less. I guess it would be safe to assume that it isn’t just me. As many people that I know seem to relate to the same concept. Logic tells us that pro small screen makers have mastered the art of getting their audience toned to the next episode which usually airs for the first time in about a week from the previous one. So how about if we actually had instant access? Of course it would be difficult to resist the temptation. Especially if the subject matter was as engaging as Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot

A while back I wrote a blog about the new season of Mr. Robot. I must admit back then I did not have a huge amount of information about the series. A few days ago however, I have decided to to give it a serious go. And by serious I mean the kind that took me through the entire first season in less than two days.

Mr. Robot, unlike the title may suggest, is not quite centered about a robot. At least in my opinion. In fact, even though the main topic of the show is about computer networks, servers, and hacking. The focus is a lot more centered towards human behavior in a world ruled by the use of machines and virtual capital.

The story follows Elliot. A highly intelligent CSS or Cybersecurity Specialist or ‘just a tech’ according to his own words who works for a major corporation ran by a majority of clueless executives. Aside from being a brilliant software engineer, Elliot has a very complex character. His self-centered anti-social persona has drew me to think that he was autistic at first. But as I went through the series, I realized there was a lot more than that the eye meets. A lot of it has to do with Elliot’s complicated childhood. You can read more here

Let’s just say that Elliot, influenced by powerful factors and events, decides to take on the organization which in his view had caused so much pain and suffering to innocent people. Portraying a special kind of vigilante, Elliot finds himself fighting a very complex battle against extremely dark forces which go far and beyond the traditional light versus darkness concept.

The bottom line is, if you are searching for a mind-thrilling adventure and you are not easily depressed or panicked by that sort of experiences, Mr. Robot might be something you want to give a shot. If you do, or already have. Leave a comment below describing your thoughts.