How to unbrick any Lumia Phone

This tutorial will help you Phones manufactured by both Nokia as well as microsoft, that has software issues. Any phone that is soft bricked ( bricked due to any software issue) can be fixed if you follow this tutorial. This tutorial will teach you how to reload the firmware of any Lumia Phone. You can use this tutorial to update your phone to a new version as well. Please Note: Reloading firmware/Flashing firmware is a risky procedure. If you are not confident that you will be able to do this, dont! This tutorial is meant for advance users only. I will not be responsible for any damages caused to your phone following this tutorial. Make sure to backup any important data before you flash your phone. All data on the phone will be erased.

Required tools :

  • Windows Device Recovery Tool : Download it from here
  • USB Data cable to connect your phone to your pc.
  • A PC running windows.

Procedure to unbrick lumia phones:

Install Windows Device Recovery Tool that you downloaded from the link above on your windows machine and run it. Turn of your windows phone and connect it to the pc using the usb data cable. The phone should be turned off with the battery still inside. Make sure your phone has atleast 50% charge.

Wait for the drivers to get installed and for the Windows Device Recovery Tool to recognize your phone.
Once Windows Device Recovery Tool recognizes your phone, select it. It will tell you if there is a firmware available for your device on their server and warn you that all the data in the phone will be erased. Accept and continue.

Now Windows Device Recovery Tool will start downloading the firmware for your phone. Depending on the speed of your internet it may take few minutes to few hours. Make sure you keep the phone connected.

Once it finish downloading the firmware , it will reboot your phone to download mode, and start installing firmware on your phone. You will see a red screen on your phone with a white progress bar indicating the software being written /flashed to your device. At this point DO NOT disconnect your phone or remove the battery as it may result in your phone going dead.

Wait for the software to finish installing the firmware on your device. Once done your phone will reboot automatically and the Windows Device Recovery Tool will inform you that the process was successful. TADA! your phone is now fixed. You may now disconnect your phone from the PC and complete the initial setup on your phone.