Xbox Onesie – Console Themed Wear Announced.

If you are a gamer, then you probably realize the importance of wearing comfortable clothing to accommodate the hours you spend in front of your television screen. It would also be nice to have something spacious to wear to allow your body parts to breathe, and, to have big pockets where you can put stuff in. For most gamers that I know like to have space to put stuff in such as phone, snacks etc… Or in case your little siblings or children decide to mess up your hard work. Therefore I as a gamer have deep appreciation for big pockets. Today, in the age of themed… stuff. You can actually own a wear that includes all of the above and a bag of chips, or at least an adequate to fit one in. Not only that, it is also Xbox themed! Which I suppose is targeting Xbox fans… Meet the Xbox Onesie!

What is Xbox Onesie? Well, it’s an ‘onesie’, get it?!?!

Well, it seems that Microsoft and Xbox Australia are cooperating? I thought they were the same entity) Anyways, it seems they are making an outfit especially designed for Xbox players. The outfit is said to have pockets large enough to fit remotes, controllers. They even considered the size of headsets and are making the hood large enough to fit them. It seems like a nice idea, and I think the design looks great too. It kind of reminds me of astronauts’ outfits.>

However, just as expected the people of the internet have soon dedicated themselves into mocking the concept, going as far as making funny ads. Mostly to increase their popularity I guess.

In my opinion, I’m always down for comfortable clothing while playing video games. It would also be nice that the outfit will have large pockets not that I would want to carry around my controllers or remotes but simply for the reason of needing ones because I may decide to use them for different purposes while I’m home or even outside! I think this outfit looks great as an outfit and the large pockets and hood are a nice extra. Even if I wasn’t a gamer I may consider buying it for as long as it will not be outrageously priced like some name brand products nowadays.

What do you think? Write it down.