Is the Pokémon GO Trend Dying Already?

During the past few days I began to notice a decline in the Pokémon GO trend news. As you might know soon after the game was first launched in July and it has became an obsession for many. I can honestly say that almost everyone I know was either talking about it or playing it (mostly both!). I did write a review about the game a while which you can read here and although I found the game considerably enjoyable I just could not see myself playing it on the long run. The reason why is because the game gets repetitive after a while. And I suppose many people have gotten broke after losing so much money in data.

Today, news has surfaced about active users of the game settling at a little over 30 million, compared to 45 million active users just about a month ago. So why is the Pokémon GO trend declining?

The answer in my opinion has three segments to it. First, as mentioned earlier, although the game can be quite addicting at first. But after playing for a while the play mode becomes casual. And since the game requires the player to actually go out to play it, many will soon find it inconvenient for them to head outside just to play Pokémon GO. Secondly, since the game uses data and GPS signal, many players have probably experienced interruptions. I for example have often received a “No GPS Signal” message which pretty much means that there is nothing for you to do unless you happen to be where there is a nice coverage. Also, data usage have probably costed some players an arm and a leg. Add this to have to physically be outside to play a game which again does not seem to offer many renewable features to keep the player thrilled. Last but not least, the game has experienced a massage server load when it was launched. Hence, many players have experienced errors leading to frustration while playing the game.

However, it’s worth mentioning that just because a game use has been declined does not mean that the game was a failure. After all, by looking at the full half of the glass there is still over 30 million human beings actively playing Pokémon GO. That’s about the size of a country population. So let’s not get all gloomy about it.

Opinions? We are here to hear!


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