Rings (The RIng 3) is Coming Soon After a Long Wait.

A couple of days ago a new trailer has been released on YouTube showing a glimpse of (RIngs) which is the third anticipated film of the Ring franchise under the name “Rings”. The story is supposedly a follow up of the original story which talks about a video tape that brings death upon its viewers after seven days of watching it.

Although the 2:25 long trailer does not seem to show much detail about the plot but it seems to be following the original story line. Only thing is, the style appears somewhat different. It’s like it’s missing something or at least it felt that way.

One of the things I admired most about The Ring franchise is the Japanese horror touch they’ve had in them. In my opinion, I believe that the Japanese have mastered the concept of visual horror. And if you pay close attention you can actually see the presence of that ‘Aura’ in anything that is Japanese inspired. But for some reason, this time this notion appears to be missing. Then again, it would be early to form judgement at the present time.

The general feedback from the trailer appears positive thus far. Although there seems to be some complaints regarding the general notion of repetition which is generated by movie sequels. A notion that seems widely present in Hollywood nowadays. Including franchises expansions and lack of original titles. Some say that Hollywood producers are beginning to get lazy and are following the short routes of profit making by expanding and building upon the same stories. If this is true, I find it a bit ironic that all of those titles are being recycled over and over again while there are so many original stories out there that are not being considered or even looked at because they are written by unknown screen writers.

However, I still feel positive and exited about the upcoming Ring movie. Let us see how it turns out.